My soul’s cry
Flung at you
The one who claimed
there was no need
for me to pretend.

Instead of understanding
and compassion
I received instead

My mistake.
It won’t happen again.

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See that kite soaring
high in the sky
dancing and tumbling,
vibrant with life?

The secret to its
wild abandon
is the string.
Only when it’s securely
attached and grounded
can a kite take flight
as intended.

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Fight On (To my Children)

When courage fails
And heart grows faint,
Fight on.

‘Gainst the whole world
And sin’s deep taint,
Fight on.

When you’re alone
And sigh for rest,
Fight on.

When surrounded –
North, East, South, West,
Fight on.

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Words (To my Children)

Be careful what you say, Dear.
Think twice before you speak.
For those you think are strong
May, more than you know, be weak.

Taunting words spoken quick,
A jesting rhyme, as it were:
“Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But words will never hurt”

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Farewell to a Dream

A dream has haunted me since my years were few. A beautiful dream that held me in its spell. Every now and then I thought that it might actually come true.

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Bottle it all up tight
And throw away the key.
Put on a happy face
For everyone to see.

Push back the silent tears;
Ignore your bleak despair.
Dress up in perfect style
From toe tip to your hair.

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Fun Christian Songs for Toddlers – Thank You, Father, for Making Me

Fun Christian songs for toddlers are always in demand for use in Sunday School, VBS, and Children’s Church. Here’s an original song which could also be used as a poem.

Thank You, Father, for Making Me

1. God made the mountains tall, and God made the trees.
God made the leaves that fall, and He made the seas.
All creatures large and small – Elephants and bees –
Aren’t you glad that God made them all?

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